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“The Art Of Happiness”, The Guerlain x Maison Matisse Artistic Collaboration

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The quintessential “painter of happiness” and a sublime master of color, Henri Matisse was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Guerlain is collaborating with Maison Matisse – founded by Jean-Matthieu Matisse, one of the painter’s great-grandsons – to celebrate the art of happiness with an exceptional piece and precious limited-edition series inspired by Matisse’s palette. 

Guerlain has nurtured a close relationship with art since the very founding of the Maison in 1828. Over the years, generations of Guerlain perfumers have found inspiration in the avant-garde artists of their times to elevate their creations. This connection has grown even stronger and more tangible since 2005 with Guerlain Haute Parfumerie, encompassing two remarkable celebrations of the art of perfumery. To start with, the Maison is pursuing its Exceptional Creations series, reprising and deepening support for contemporary artists and artisans by commissioning precious numbered limited-edition designs. The second is the L’Art & La Matière collection, a captivating fragrance laboratory where Guerlain perfumers find creative inspiration in the emotions sparked by works of art. Thanks to their talent and expertise, exceptional materials are revealed in new ways when the perfumers compose fragrances that transcend the olfactory signatures as perfume becomes art.

Inviting Maison Matisse for this first collaboration, Guerlain is celebrating the art of happiness with a tribute to the master of colors in two creations inspired by two of the artist’s paintings that themselves become full-fledge artworks.

We are extremely fortunate to have Maison Matisse show its trust in us for these new creations. Our partnership is anchored by shared values of excellence, exacting standards and elegance, joined by a mutual love of beauty, nature and art,” says Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain Director of Art, Culture and Heritage.

Jean-Matthieu Matisse, founder of Maison Matisse, notes: “My great-grandfather’s works are very multi-sensory, his was a world full of plants and flowers and they became recurring motifs in his work. There are thus myriad compelling connections between his work and the artistry of Guerlain perfume. That’s why we were delighted to embark on this collaboration, especially since we share values, exacting standards, a respect for precision and a love of color. This celebration of happiness is a beautiful initiative and a first for Maison Matisse.”

The Exceptional Piece – The Bee Bottle Maison Matisse Edition

The Maison Matisse edition of the Bee Bottle is entirely decorated with emblematic motifs inspired by La Musique, a painting done by Matisse in 1939. Just fourteen unique hand-painted signed and numbered bottles contain the Couleur Bonheur extrait de parfum, a fragrance whose olfactory notes are as sunny as the artist’s palette, a fruity chypre composition vibrant with color.  As the iconic Bee Bottle fetes its 170th anniversary in 2023, this creation is an ode to painting, music and perfumery.

Jasmin Bonheur – a new fragrance inspired by Matisse’s colors

Jasmin Bonheur reveals a vibrantly colorful jasmine, tinted with joyful hues – from the radiant orange apricot notes to the vibrant purple of iris and soft rose pink – in a precious limited-edition work of art that evokes Henri Matisse’s brilliant palette. Inspired the painter’s masterpiece Les Mille et Une Nuits, the  precious Jasmin Bonheur Maison Matisse is transformed by a decorative plate atop the cap and the colorful adornment of the case. Hearts, jasmine flowers and leaves are interpreted in a vibrant palette of fuchsia pink, lemon yellow, sunny orange, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and joyful red.  This olfactory canvas brings the fragrance to life in a celebration of jasmine. The limited edition counts just 1,000 pieces worldwide. The collection also includes the Figue Azure scented candle, evoking a stroll in the shade of Mediterranean fig trees, in a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

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