Tuesday, July 16, 2024

If You Want To Improve Your Heart Function, Nordic Walking May Be The Answer

A recent study found people with coronary artery disease saw improved health outcomes after committing to the workout for 12 weeks. View Entire Post › ​  ​BuzzFeed...

What’s The Local Legend Or Secret That Every Person In Your Hometown Knew?

Everything from ghost stories to lucky marriage trees, we want to hear about it! View Entire Post › ​  ​BuzzFeed - LatestRead More

It’s Decided. You CAN Recline Your Airplane Seat — With One Exception

Etiquette experts get real about this hot-button issue and whether putting your seat back makes you a jerk. View Entire Post › ​  ​BuzzFeed - LatestRead More

My Dumb Little Peanut Brain Just Got Blown After Seeing These 23 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The First Time Last Week

What a world. View Entire Post › ​  ​BuzzFeed - LatestRead More

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