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Stockholm Guide for the Swifties: Get Ready for It in Swiftholm!

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Dear Paris,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible embrace you have given us. Your streets sang with us, and your lights danced to our rhythm. We are eternally grateful for the magical moments we have shared, enriching our community and leaving us with memories that will be cherished forever. Your charm and splendour made every note resonate more deeply. Merci, Paris, for a concert and a community experience that surpassed our wildest dreams!


With love and gratitude,

Dean Marc


Hello Stockholm,

Get ready to catch the wave of excitement as we bring our international concert tour to your vibrant city! We cannot wait to feel the energy of Stockholm, to explore your rich culture, and to make unforgettable memories together. Prepare yourselves for a night of spectacular music, unity, and joy. We are thrilled to meet you and share the magic that only live music can offer. See you soon, Stockholm, for an epic continuation of our journey!


With anticipation and excitement,

Dean Marc

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