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GoSwifties, Beneath And Beyond Celebrity, A Delayed Prelude.

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I can barely remember how, how it all began, but on one coffee drunken afternoon, while the usual polycrisis ran, which world has turned normal, AI doom and wars, pandemic and its scars, we thought … what is out there that can still inspire, well, inspiration?

Bolt of lightning or revelation, Taylor Swift.

But… We were not huge fans. We were not Swifties.

I was once the Chief Swiftie (as in the primary nerd), for a technology company that had “Swift” in its name. But that was 20+ years ago. We are in awe of celebrities, larger than life, so to speak. But respect, we reserved for raw talent meeting hard work, grit, kindness, and virtues one aspires to have.

We were 100% certain that Taylor has no need for another of these coverage …

Potatoes, nay, Onions peeled, layers layers layers.

There was more to it. Something Beneath and Beyond Celebrity guides the battlecry or the quiet determination of this place. GoSwifties. Impetus. Motive Action. Kinetic Pursuit. Go Go Go…

It was a little coincidence that we mainly used Go along with Python for engineering work.

If only code were songs … transcending space, time, and economic purpose, echoing from and into the human spirit … For along with the arts, code that drives that modern world we believe is as close as one gets to alchemy and magic.

So this is us. Late have we become Swifties.

But not for the usual reason. For us, Taylor, with our utmost admiration and respect, is 1% of what makes it magic, if by magic you mean the things you do not understand that makes something happen.

To be continued … A lightbulb or match strike lit a few days ago, aimless in the beginning, but surprisingly fun in the end … I guess …

Originally published at: GoSwifties.com

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