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The Number One Most Hospitable Host In Every US State

Unforgettable trips are made possible by Hosts who provide consistent and exceptional hospitality for their guests. Host hospitality can take many different forms – a sparkling clean house, responsiveness to guest questions and needs, streamlined check-ins that make arrivals a breeze, and going above and beyond to prioritize health and safety.

With those qualities in mind, we sought to find and honor the absolute best of the best, in each of the 50 US states. To identify the most hospitable amongst our tenured Hosts in the US for the 2021 list, we set a high bar. Here are our criteria:

  1. Hosts had to have achieved 100% 5-star ratings in the following categories: Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication.
  2. To raise the bar even further, we set the minimum number of reviews at 100.
  3. Many states had more than one Host who achieved this incredible standard of 100% in all three categories. To narrow it down to the “most hospitable” Host in those states with more than one qualifying Host, the tiebreaker went to whomever had the greatest number of reviews.

Great Hosts have always been the lifeblood of our community. Great hospitality – particularly qualities like cleanliness and safety – took on even greater importance in the midst of the pandemic. We are in awe of these extraordinary Hosts who have maintained this level of perfection, with 5-star reviews 100 percent of the time in these review categories that matter deeply to our guest community.


  • 310 Hosts in the US achieved this 100% standard.
  • In addition to being #1 in North Carolina, Jessica and her Blend City and Country at Lucky W Cottage listing in Asheville has achieved this 100% standard with 530 reviews – the most of any Host in the US.
  • North Carolina and California are the states with the greatest number of Hosts – 35 in each – who have achieved this 100% standard.
  • Portland, OR has seven Hosts who have achieved this standard – the highest number of any other city.
  • In addition to being #1 in CaliforniaGlen S. and his Guest Studio Minutes from Mendocino ❤️ listing has achieved this 100% standard since 2012, the longest of any Host in the US.
  • In addition to being #1 in Utah, Pepper and Annie are the granddaughter and daughter-in-law, respectively, of the legendary singer Dean Martin, and their Private Riverfront Cabin is believed to be one of the last places he visited late in his life

Of the 50 Hosts:

  • 100% are Superhosts
  • At least 33 have listings that are on or attached to their primary residences, including 23 whose listings are guest suites or guest houses
  • 42 maintain just 1 or 2 listings
  • 8 host out of big urban cities with populations of 300,000 and above (Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, St. Louis)
  • 18 host out of smaller villages and towns with populations of less than 10,000

Consistently receiving 5-star reviews across these important categories is no small feat. As we got to know these Hosts and share the news that they’d achieved these most hospitable distinctions in their respective states, we asked them to share their tips, tricks, and best practices for making their guests’ dreams come true:

“We try to make an ‘experience’ for our guests that is different than home. When people are spending hard-earned vacation time and money, we want our cabin to be magical and memorable. We put extra touches like wildflowers, home-baked bread and a personal note for our guests.” – Brian & Barb J. (Bloomington, IN)

“Traveling as guests gave us an understanding through firsthand experience. Some of the things that guests need are intangible. We make sure our guests know that we’re warm and approachable if they have any requests or issues” – Glenn & Suzanne S. (Mendocino, CA)

“We are very dedicated to our apartment as I built it with my own two hands. My wife and son actually helped with some of the construction. My wife did and does all the interior decor and the flawless cleaning to detail. Our Airbnb isn’t just a rental, it is a part of us.” – Perry F. (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

“Clean everything, when in doubt, clean it again. If it looks a little worn, replace it. Have two of everything in case you don’t have time to clean it in between” – Jay & Jayne C. (Austin, Texas)

“I meet each and every one of my guests. I sit down with them and share maps and tips and tricks about Maui. Guests can read tourist books, but hearing from a local makes a big difference.” – Gammy A. (Kīhei, Hawaii)


Alabama – 💦 Sanitized Fairfield Farm Cottage DogWelc EV Cha (Hosted by Rachel C.)

Whether they’re welcoming guests to a tiny house in a backyard, an in-law suite above a garage, or a guest house on an expansive farm, these Hosts have an attention to detail that we love in our community, and thousands of guests have noticed. For a full list of the most hospitable Hosts and their listings in the US, check out the list below:

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