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This Ethereal Highlighter Can Make You Glow for Just $10

A good highlighter can totally transform any makeup look. But you don’t have to spend half your paycheck to find a bright, stunning shade that not only looks good with your skin tone, but complements it in a way that gives you an otherworldly glow. In fact, you can get by spending just $10 on a hidden gem at Amazon that you may not have heard of before. It’s simple but it works, and it totally has us gagged.

Get the Same Glow As ‘Wicked’s’ Elphaba With This Limited Edition Highlighter

The Moira Beauty Dreamlight Highlighter is just $10 at Amazon, and you can bring home one today. It comes in unsuspecting, simple packaging, and there’s not brand recognition just yet, but you’d be sleeping on a real one that can truly honor your skin type and tone if you skip out on it. When you apply the highlighter, you’ll notice it can give you an absolutely gorgeous bit of color – no matter how or where you decide to wear it.

Get the Moira Beauty Dreamlight Highlighter for just $10 at Amazon!

This sustainable brand is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free. The only thing it isn’t free of is gorgeous color, and you’ll find that as soon as you go to try one of the eight shades of this highlighter. Our favorite is Dreamlite due to its versatile nature, but the pretty pink Ballerina is a can’t miss, too. These shades are perfect for everyone, and they’re gorgeously glittery. Upon testing, Dreamlite clung on through several hand washes and still looked just as vibrant.

Get the Moira Beauty Dreamlight Highlighter for just $10 at Amazon!

All this for just $10? You’re going to want to sign up for this one. Moira Beauty has more tricks up its sleeve, but right now you need to head over to Amazon and grab all the highlighters available right now for their out of this world look. It’s giving space age country girl in the best way. And it’s just $10! You’re going to waste it on something silly anyway.

Get the Moira Beauty Dreamlight Highlighter for just $10 at Amazon!

This $5 Drugstore Highlighter Been My Go-To for Over 5 Years

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