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Splendid Structures of Sydney

Sydney Australia has a ton of architecture. Including modern and world famous like the Sydney Opera House. Then there is the most popular Victorian architecture the Queen Victorian Building. Being a city close to the sea, a harbor city, it is a trade city. Like many other cities, it was also affected by the wars. But let’s put that aside for now, and look at some of the beauty Sydney has in store for us.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House. Credits: Unsplash – Jasper Wilde

The icon of Sydney, this multi-venue arts centre is probably the image you think of when you mention Sydney. Aside from being world famous, it is considered to be a great wonder in the Civilization games, which sits together with other great wonders like the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids. Opened in the year 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II, this Expressionist style architecture is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building
Queen Victoria Building – Credits: Wikipedia

Just like most well-preserved 19th century architecture, this Romanesque revival style building, is still radiating in classical vibes. While it is generally available to public as a shopping centre, the interior design also retains its marvel. This was also used a public library and was initially constructed as a marketplace, when City of Sydney was called Sydney Town in 1842.

Sydney Customs House

Sydney Custom House
Sydney Custom House – Credits: Wikipedia

A museum, this government building is open to the public. But keep in mind of the opening hours as well as check the schedules if there are events taking place. Designed by Mortimer Lewis in a Georgian architectural style, the custom house is also home to a library and exhibition space. To know of their schedule and other information you can visit the official site here.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery of New South Wales – Credit: Wikipedia

This gallery, which had its first public exhibition in 1874, has undergone various renovation and modernization. Originally designed as Neo-Gothic, by Walter Liberty Vernon. Major expansion have been implemented by the NSW government under the Sydney Modern project.

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