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The Super Bowl Has an Odd Number of Links to Taylor Swift’s Favorite No. 13

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl LVIII, 2024. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The magic of Taylor Swift is officially sponsored by the number 13 — and she brought her powers to the Super Bowl. (Yes, Us knows this sounds insane.)

In case you missed it, Swift’s passion for the number comes from her birthday, December 13, 1989. During her early performance days, she would step on stage with the number 13 painted on her hand in turquoise blue with a black outline.

“I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first No. 1 song had a 13-second intro,” Swift said in a 2009 interview with MTV News. “Every time I’ve won an award, I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter. Basically, whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.”

Anything linking back to Swift with the number 13 appears to be an Easter egg of some sort — and Swifties will be there to decode the message. As it turned out, Super Bowl LVIII had a lot of 13 connections, with some fans convinced it brought good luck to boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs who defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 on Sunday, February 11.

Taylor Swift, 2009. Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Keep scrolling to uncover all the Super Bowl LVIII connections to the number 13:

Kansas City Chiefs’ 2023 Wins With Kelce

The Chiefs went 15-6 in the 2023-24 season, with Kelce missing two games — a.k.a. the team won 13 times with Kelce on the field.

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The 58th Super Bowl — And It’s Date

The numerology is getting crazy with this one. The 2024 Super Bowl was the 58th — and what is 5+8? 13! The date of the game, February 11, also factored into this theory. February is the second month of the year, and 2+11 is also 13.

Swift’s Appearances at NFL Games

Super Bowl LVII marked Swift’s 13th NFL game since she and Kelce went public in September 2023.

Swift’s Flight From Tokyo to Las Vegas

The flight from Tokyo — where Swift performed her Eras Tour for four dates concluding on February 10 — was a total of 13 hours long.

The Kansas City Chiefs Playing the San Francisco 49ers

Aside from 4+9 being 13 — a nod to the 49ers — the teams’ standings were also quite telling. The 49ers were the No. 1 seed in the NFC while the Chiefs locked in the No. seed in the AFC before the Super Bowl. One and three can only mean one thing, 13.

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl LVIII, 2024. PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

The Halftime Score

When the teams headed to their respective locker rooms for halftime, the score sat at 10-3 (or, perhaps, 13) with the 49ers leading.



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