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King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer

A shocking announcement emerged from Buckingham Palace today as King Charles III revealed a recent cancer diagnosis.

Per an official statement, the sobering discovery was made while Charles was undergoing treatment to address an enlarged prostate at the London Clinic earlier this month. While specific details on the type of cancer remain undisclosed, the Palace conveyed that the monarch has begun “regular cancer treatments” and maintains a “wholly positive” mindset.

“During the king’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate concerning issue was noted,” Palace authorities stated. “Subsequent diagnostic tests revealed a form of cancer. His majesty has today commenced a planned cancer treatment regimen, which requires initial postponement of public-facing duties.”

At 75 years old, King Charles falls within an age group responsible for over a third of annual cancer cases across the U.K. While news of scaled-back engagements in the near term comes as a disappointment, he will continue fulfilling daily constitutional duties critical to his head of state role.

In an aim echoed from his recent candor over prostate health issues, Charles bravely acknowledged the diagnosis publicly hoping “to prevent speculation and promote understanding for all those affected by cancer.”

It marks an unexpectedly early test for the new monarch who just commenced his reign in September upon Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Charles has confronted both triumphs and tribulations over his decades as heir apparent, though perhaps nothing can fully prepare one to stare down their own mortality as king.

See the full statement from the Buckingham Palace:


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