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Super Halloween Costumes: For Kids!

In the past, Halloween costumes were mainly of Ghosts, Witch, Werewolf and Dracula. It just happened that it changed throughout the years. Now the range of theme and costumes extends up to comic books and super heroes. 

Let’s just say that Halloween has become one big excuse to wear costumes. Here are some that are popular to children.

01. Spider-Man from Marvel

This web-slinging hero is probably the most popular from Marvel. 


02. The Incredible Hulk from Rubie’s

The Hulk looks menacingly in this costume.


03. Iron Man from Rubie’s

With Spider-Man and Hulk, why not include Iron Man to include another member of the avenger. Perfect if you are aiming for Marvel super hero theme with your children.


04. Batman from Rubie’s

“I’m Batman!” Need to say anything else? If your child is into DC super heroes, then batman is one of the most popular.


05. Mario from Oskiner

“It’s a me, a mario!” The well-loved plumber. A simple but well-known design.


06. Coco

A complete costume for Coco. This one is also perfect if you are going to use it for the “Day of the Dead”


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