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Earth Blonde Hair Is the Low-Maintenance Way to Embrace the Quiet-Luxury Trend 

It’s all about the stealth wealth this summer.

We love platinum blonde as much as the next person, but honestly, it’s the death knell for healthy strands. That’s why we’ve spotted so many celebs tapping into “earth blonde hair” territory.

The shade, which kicks excessive bleach in favor of a gentler approach, has been gathering a fan following—including Suki Waterhouse and Sydney Sweeney—thanks to its more natural approach to blonde.

“Earth blonde is a much more natural, relaxed way of going blonde,” says hairstylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith, who coined the name. “Sitting between the border of brunette and blonde but without the rich, caramel tones of a typical bronde, this shade is closer to ash and whispers blonde rather than shouts.” 

If you’re not normally a fan of ashy, mushroomy tones, this may be more on your level. “Mushroom blonde is a shade that has been quietly lurking on the periphery of trending hair colors for a while now,” Smith says, “but with many blondes pushing into Barbie territory, others are seeking a more muted, powdery option that signals quiet luxury without the flatness of the more alternative mushroom.” 

In short, it’s less “in your face” than other shades and a little softer, like a grown-up rendition of baby blonde. Smith describes earth blonde hair as “subtly multitonal—unlike true mushroom blonde, earth blonde has dimension and detail without the intensity or warmth of gold, caramels, or platinum.”

But even though it’s easy to wear, make sure you head to a colorist you trust to get the look. “This shade is soft and flattering to wear but does require a skilled hand to achieve,” Smith says. “It’s the polar opposite of brassy, so yellow tones must be kept at bay.” 

For this reason Smith recommends the Olaplex 4P Shampoo or Evo Fabuloso Platinum Shampoo, both of which he says “are fantastic at neutralizing the inevitable yellow tones while actually leaving the hair feeling nourished.” 

Here are four ways to embrace the earth blonde hair trend:

Fluffy waves

NEW YORK NEW YORK  MAY 01 Amanda Seyfried attends The 2023 Met Gala Celebrating Karl Lagerfeld A Line Of Beauty at The...

Sleek and lightly waved

Teased out and curly


NEW YORK NEW YORK  MAY 01 Sydney Sweeney attends The 2023 Met Gala Celebrating Karl Lagerfeld A Line Of Beauty at The...

This post was originally published in Glamour UK.

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