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Coronation 2023: In Defense of King Charles III & The Monarchy

On the 6th of May, King Charles III will be crowned, an event that has received mixed reactions from the public. Recent surveys have shown that support for the British Monarchy is waning, with many people expressing their dissatisfaction with the institution. 

Personally, I am not in favour of monarchies, as I believe they embody and represent the very thing that discourages people from believing they can fundamentally change their state in life. It’s either you are born immensely privileged or not: when you’re concept of hardship is whether you miss out on tea break in the countryside or not knowing how to feed your children for their next meal.

The monarchy is an ancient institution like it or not. The coronation of King Charles III will happen and the monarchy is still very much a part of the United Kingdom. This is our world, this is our reality.

You may not be in favour of the monarchy and you may be cursing the institution or lamenting the waste of taxpayers’ money on these ceremonies which seem out of place and out of touch in our modern world but in defense of the King and the monarchy, risking the ire of fellow commoners . . .

1. On Inequality – The Lucky Commoners And Other Aristocrats Are Now The Real Monarchs

The monarchy is not responsible for the vast inequality in the world now. Long before we were here, this situation and configuration of society in the form of kings, war lords, invaders, lords, and conquerors have always been in existence. This is hardly new, you win by force, by luck, by wit – be it good or bad. Being born British is already a privilege that many people in the world do not have, and commoners today are luckier than the real monarchs of the past. It is almost taboo to discuss it but much of this wealth is an inheritance by slave ancestors and other conquered peoples.

Nowadays, imagine an intern in a finance company can earn triple or quadruple more than a senior nurse. Someone playing around with other people’s money is earning more than people saving lives. Their worst pains are already the unattainable joys of others.

We now live in a world created by commoners who think they are bigger than monarchs and have illusions of grandeur.

2. Royalty In The UK Is No Longer As It Used To Be

The role of the monarchy has changed over time, with their influence diminishing. It seems that the monarchy today is more about being a celebrity than ruling kingdoms; of carrying on with traditions. They do good, make no mistake. They have causes that fight for common good, like climate change and other injustices around the world. They are, for all intents and purposes, core to the UK identity.

But they can no longer wage wars, rightly so or not,. They can not impose their will unhindered. There are limits and constraints.

Nevertheless, respect and deference is a birthright, earned or otherwise. It is as un-“commonër” as it goes.

3. Get On With Life

People forget that money is made from the spectacle and pageantry of the monarchy. People enjoy watching the monarchy, just as they do with movies or reality TV shows. There is nothing wrong with it. If this is the situation, enjoy it. If you don’t like it, then ignore it.

For example, we villify Harry. Then don’t buy the book, don’t read about them, don’t watch them. Truth is, everyone is still fascinated by this show. As a commoner, you sometimes need to see royalties flail and fail. It softens the insult to daily hardships. It’s our problem: wanting to see meat and blood on the streets.

By bemoaning the coronation and the ills of the monarchy, you are just cursing the darkness.

In the end, give King Charles III a break or better yet give yourself a break. None of them made anyone’s lives miserable directly. At worst, they have been entertainment. At best, it is better to be pseudo-ruled by a real monarch than be subjected under the tyranny of commoner dictator-warloards elsewhere. Stop overthinking. Have a good time. Afford them and everyone else basic courtesy and dignity that has long been missing in UK life with the deepening woes of daily life. Do yourself a favour.


Heres an idea not an opinion, maybe the monarchy and the King should create a program where they select a commoner or a citizen, and let them be king and royal for a day. Give them real training and responsibilities and experience what it’s like, the luxury, the ease, the public scrutiny, and the challenges. A stupid idea, maybe? But something to think about.

Our humans need coffee too! Your support is highly appreciated, thank you!

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