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What Will Be The Best Black Friday Deals In 2022

We don’t have a crystal ball, but based on previous years, we can make some informed guesses about which products will have the biggest savings.

Here’s our predicted list of major items in the Black Friday 2022 sales.

1. AirPods Pro (1st-generation)

Apple released the second-generation noise-cancelling AirPods Pro in September this year, so we’re all-but-certain that the originals will see their prices lowered during Black Friday 2022.

In fact, there’s talk that the old set of AirPods Pro are going to be continued, so if you want to avoid paying the full £249 for the second-gen models, we suggest you jump on these as soon as you see them on sale.

Right now they’re £189, but we’ve seen them fall to £175 in the past and we’re confident they’ll drop even lower in the weeks to come.

AirPods Pro OnBuy.com £159.88 – Buy Now

2. Shark vacuum cleaners

Shark is the second-most prominent vacuum manufacturer on the UK market – and yes, are a more affordable option to those pesky Dyson.

They appear on sale throughout the year, but it’s during Black Friday that we always see the best price drops on Shark’s range of corded, cordless and handheld vacs.

3. Ninja Air Fryer

Because of the spiralling cost of energy bills, air fryers are enjoying a boom right now due to how energy-effective they are.

In fact, we have a feeling we’ll start to see stock shortages before long, so if you’re keen on picking up one of Ninja’s popular air fryers, we suggest you bookmark this page as we’ll update it as soon as the brand launches its Black Friday deals.

4. Boots Star Gifts

The Boots Star Gifts webpage is an essentially one to patrol during the Black Friday period if you’re looking for stunning discounts on beauty, perfume, cosmetics and the like.

Some of the best deals are on Boots’s own products – right now, the high-street store is offering an impressive 51% reduction on its No. 7 Ultimate Skincare 10 Piece Gift Set.

5. Echo Dot (4th-generation)

Amazon is, of course, one of the best places to go hunting for Black Friday deals – especially if you’re after one of the retailer’s own smart devices.

Now it’s a couple of years old, we’re confident that we’ll see the 4th-generation (and newest) Echo Dot speaker fall to all-time low prices – the same will apply for items like the Ring Video Doorbell, Fire 7 Tablet and Fire TV Stick.

Head to our Amazon device deals page for a list of smart products on sale.

6. Simba mattresses

There’s no better time of year than Black Friday to invest in a new mattresses, with all the major brands eager to outshine each other with some truly epic discounts.

That’s definitely a case if one of the first bed-in-the-box brands Simba: look out for big reductions on its budget, mid-range and luxe mattresses.

7. ghd hair products

Yes, ghd items can be pretty costly – but if you’re after industry-leading hair products at a cheaper-than-usual price, make sure you head to the brand’s website during Black Friday.

We expect to see straighteners and hairdryers alike with their prices slashed – think of all those Christmas parties you can attend with gorgeous locks.

8. Dr. Martens

Time to boot up! Whether they’re your first pair or you simply want to add to your collection, Black Friday is the optimum time to pick up a pair of DMs.

The legendary British bootmaker do a surprising range of footwear, and in the past we’ve routinely seen some fab price drops.

9. Apple iPhone 13

Since it’s just been replaced in the flagship spot by the Apple iPhone 14, we can confidently say that the iPhone 13 will drop in price for Black Friday.

That will likely apply to the SIM-free handset, but it’s well worth looking at the contracts and plans on offer on our Black Friday iPhone 13 deals page.

10. Oodie hooded blankets

Worried about your heating bill this winter? Why not wrap yourself in a cute and cosy Oodie?

These fun ‘hooded blankets’ have already been on sale this year and no doubt they’ll go on sale again – to find our more, read our Oodie review.

We’ll also have a full list of deals on our Oodie Black Friday deals page.

What date is Black Friday 2022 in the UK?

This year, Black Friday falls on November 25 – as ever, that’s the day directly after American Thanksgiving.

Not that we’ll be carving the turkey here in the UK: Black Friday is simply a tradition that started in the U.S. back in the 1960s before migrating over the UK around a decade ago.

Each year Black Friday only grows bigger and badder, and is now a truly global sale period with thousands of participating brands and retailers.

It’s a clear rival to the popular (but arguably dwindling) UK Boxing Day sales period after Christmas, and dwarfs Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale, which takes place earlier in the year and is only available to Prime subscribers.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday always falls directly after the weekend that follows Black Friday – so in 2022, that’s Monday 28 November.

It has the (slightly antiquated) name as traditionally, it was a day of online-deals, with nearly all Black Friday offers available exclusively in-store.

However, in these times it’s rare you’ll find any deals only available in shops, so in reality, Cyber Monday is an excuse for retailers to roll out a final wave of deals, or to drop prices further on remaining stock.

We’ll continue to update this page with the best Cyber Monday deals we find, should anything exciting appear online.

When do Black Friday 2022 deals start?

Not on Black Friday itself, that’s for sure.

Traditionally Black Friday sales began at midnight, but over the last few years many retailers have chosen to begin their sales even earlier.

In fact, it’s likely we’ll see some noteworthy offers start to appear as early as the beginning of November (indeed, some phone retailers roll out ‘Why Wait?’-themed sales in October).

However, the best is generally saved for last, with the finest offers usually not being launched until the week of Black Friday itself – so keep your eyes peel from about Monday 21 November onwards.

How long does Black Friday last?

Don’t think for a second that Black Friday is a day-long sale, or indeed even a days-long sale.

In reality, Black Friday 2022 will likely span the entire month of November, so don’t put off your deal-hunting until the big day itself.

This is a hugely competitive time for retailers, so each year they kick off their sales earlier and earlier in an effort to outdo each other.

In previous years Boots, Amazon and John Lewis, along with a number of other major retailers, launched their deals a fortnight earlier than the official date.

Our guess for 2022 is that we’ll start to see some so-so offers on older products appear in the first week of November, and then throughout the month the price drops will intensify and grow in quality.

As a general rule, the very best price drops are held back until the week of Black Friday, and if you see a great deal during that period, don’t assume it will be improved upon when the Friday itself lands.

Internet shopping has boomed in the last few years, especially during the Covid pandemic when it was the only viable option.

Regardless of whether you plan to head to your favourite shops or sit on your sofa online and shop, it’s best to stay up to date with all the latest deals from key retailers by following this guide.

You can also sign up to retailer newsletters and follow key stores on social media to get important announcements and sale previews.

Source: TheSun

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