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Your iPhone Would Want And Need This – Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet By Moft

These days, whether we like it or not, our lives rely on technology. Integrated to our society it has helped push in the pursuit of efficiency. Look no further and here we have the smartphone. From watching your favorite series, reading a book, to learning a new skill it has affected anyone who has this device.

Here comes the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet by Moft

Image Credit: Moft

Firstly, it functions as a phone stand. For example you are watching your favorite show on your favorite streaming app like YouTube or Netflix, while you’re snacking on some goodies. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just position your phone so that it will have the optimal viewing angle to your eyes. It can also be attached to other locations as long as you are using the magnetic sticky pads.

Image Credit: Moft

Secondly it functions as a wallet. It can hold your credit card for easy payment while you go to your favorite coffee or tea place. The main material is made of durable vegan leather and is easily cleaned if you accidentally placed it on a wet surface. But do try to be careful, while Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet by Moft can withstand some liquid, your phone may not.

Image Credit: Moft

For those looking for an adjustable viewing when it functions as a stand, unfortunately it can’t be changed. Another point to look for is to check if your smart phone or device is MagSafe compatible.

Image Credit: Moft

Available on the official Moft store at the reasonable price of $19.99.


Overall, the price is reasonable for its features. It’s mainly a phone stand with a built-in extra wallet pouch for a few cards or paper bills. We could say that the main feature we would buy this is the adaptability of being able to easily remove or add this to your iPhone. The wallet feature is just a bonus. The extra 10$ for the magnetic sticky pads is what you’d call an icing on the cake, but most of the time it is actually the toppings, or in this case the sticky pads, that make you buy it.

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