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Burberry Launches New Campaign Burberry Open Spaces

‘Freedom allows us to be creative, to dream, to be anything or anyone. Burberry, like me, has had freedom at its heart since the very beginning. This campaign celebrates the fearless spirit of exploration which connects us with one another and the natural world. It’s about pushing boundaries and pursuing endless possibilities – looking to the future and connecting us all.’
Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer 


Today, Burberry unveiled its new campaign ‘Burberry Open Spaces’ which is a journey through the freedom of imagination. When we dare to dream, the possibilities are infinite – we discover new realities, we break boundaries and we find the freedom to go beyond limitations.

A pioneering spirit has been part of the brand’s heritage from the very beginning. Thomas Burberry invented gabardine and created iconic outerwear to help people embrace the outdoors and explore new spaces and places. This spirit is embodied by a quote from Thomas Burberry that continues to inspire and imbue the brand’s collections today: ‘Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom’.

As the world opens up again, the campaign explores this spirit through a youthful, dreamlike lens. For the campaign film, Riccardo collaborated on the creative and film direction with Megaforce to bring the story to life. It features four bold individuals who have the power to explore and discover, as they take us on a journey set amongst the natural beauty of the British countryside. A spirit of duality – blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

They bound weightlessly through fields, defying gravity as they take flight – resisting convention. New perspectives are explored as they jump and twist through towering forests. As they float across a lake, they challenge the obstacles of the elements and the natural world.

At the end of this hyperreal dreamscape, the four characters come together magnetically, becoming one entity flying through the sky, united in their differences. A symbol for our interconnectedness with nature and each other.

The still imagery, shot by Ewen Spencer, continues this celebration of the outdoors. The dynamic images feature the individuals in the film, shot from different perspectives surrounded by the allure of nature.

Dreams, nature and individuality become one in a journey into the freedom of our imagination.


‘We had so much fun working on this campaign – as much as it looks! For this film, we had the idea to celebrate the joy of being free, the love for nature, and the strength of the collective. These are familiar themes to Burberry’s vocabulary as well as its heritage of exploring the outdoors. We wanted to communicate these notions and it’s such a nice feeling when something out of our imagination becomes a reality.’

‘Burberry is synonymous with British style and the subcultural moments typified by British youth, this campaign captures a vista of opportunity and optimism that encapsulates that spirit.’



“We are really happy to be back with Riccardo and Megaforce on this new Burberry film. Working together as a collective is a creative richness without limits. Without hesitation, we jumped at the chance to create the choreography of this new campaign with them. In this campaign we were able to be poetic and uncompromising because the creative architecture was there.

To dream is the most real way to exist. To dream is to access another perception of ourselves, another time, without limits. To fly is to defy gravity in a poetic act, which carries the body towards elevating freedom.

The end of the film is very important for us. It is a moment of powerful, suspended love where all the characters unite in a last push, a last embrace, because they do not wish to leave each other after what they have gone through and explored together. Like an early morning rendezvous on the edge of a forest, the bodies we have imagined in this film race with the sun to never sleep. Like a newfound freedom. Finally together again.”



The ‘Burberry Open Spaces’ campaign was photographed in line with the COVID-19 social distancing measures.


  • Creative idea and film direction: Megaforce
  • Creative Production: Riff Raff Films
  • Choreography: (La)Horde
  • Styling: Ana Steiner
  • Cast: Xiaoyi Liu, Charlotte Samaroo, Joshua Smith, Ben Loader
  • Hair Stylist: Hiroshi Matsushita
  • Makeup: Gemma Smith-Edhouse
  • Music: “Counting Atomic”, written by Ryan Lott, published by Domino
  • Publishing Company Limited, performed by Ryan Lott, licensed courtesy of This Is Meru


  • Photographer: Ewen Spencer
  • Styling: Ana Steiner
  • Cast: Xiaoyi Liu, Charlotte Samaroo, Joshua Smith, Ben Loader
  • Hair Stylist: Hiroshi Matsushita
  • Makeup: Gemma Smith-Edhouse

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