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“Live Wherever You Want On Airbnb” 12 Participants Selected From 314,000 Applicants In The World

On August 3, 2019, we announced the decision to take part in the Live Anywhere on Airbnb stay program.

A creative 12 of the more than 314,000 applicants worldwide will participate in the Live Anywhere on Airbnb stay program for about a year. These 12 participants come from a diverse background from nine countries, all of whom share a sense of adventure and a desire to create a future of flexible living. The airbnb experience from the program participants will help us improve and develop our services in the future so that we can become a platform that can be used for more and more locations in the future.

Participants will be given the unique opportunity to choose their own adventure over the next 10 months, rediscovering nearby destinations and hometowns, and traversing the world inexergotingly. * Participants come from all over the world, including Argentina, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa, and have diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives.

Students attending master’s programs, multi-base people, young families seeking new cultural experiences, multigenerational families keen to improve accessibility, entrepreneurs, medical researchers, global cyclists, and more will stay in Airbnb listings to pave the way for the future of travel and living.

Here are 12 people who plan to stay on airbnb listings for the year 1 year below. **

Ben and Peta standing in front of a tiled wall. Ben is wearing a gray tshirt and colorful scarf, Peta is wearing a fedora with flowy blue top and green pants.

Ben from France and Peta from South Africa

Ben and Peta, who have a passion for sustainable travel and art and their respective roots in France and South Africa, have lived as multi-base dists for 14 years after raising their four sons in Chicago. He wants to visit developing countries and secluded towns around the world to get inspiration for Ben’s eco-activities and Peta’s artistic activities.

Colin, Meg and their two daughter sitting candidly in a golden tall grass field.

Colin from Malaysia and Meg from South Carolina, USA

A creative artist in a variety of fields, including design, filmmaking and composition, Colin is inspired by the people and culture around him. That’s why Colin, his wife Meg, and their two daughters will be able to make the most of this experience to absorb everything in the world (including visiting his native Malaysia) and teach the next generation of families what it means to be a global citizen.

Hendric standing off in the distance on top of rock with a snowy, mountainous landscape behind him.

Hendrick from Singapore

Hendrick, co-founder of travel content production community The Travel Interior, plans to introduce the benefits of remote work to companies around the world while traveling through Asia and Europe. While traveling through Asia and Europe, Hendrick will introduce the benefits of remote work by companies around the world and share their experiences with The Travel Interior.

James B. standing on the beach dressed in a white shirt and dark pants with sailboats and a large rock mass on the water in the background. Very purple-y night sky.

James B. from England

A freelance deaf artist, actor, activist and content creator, James values the unconventional. Because he was the first deaf person to enter the Royal Academy of the Robotic Arts in London. When I enter the Royal Theatre School as an undergraduate this fall, I will be living flexibly on Airbnb around London while attending drama school.

James G. with his fiance and baby standing on a trail surrounded by green grass and a forest.

James G. from England

James, a new dad and postdoctoral fellow in surgery, has been at the forefront of the pandemic and is committed to the development of the medical field in collaboration with international medical professionals. Last year, we conducted the world’s largest scientific joint research to study the effects of covid-19 on the healthcare system. Travel with your family to six continents to learn what surgeries are taking place around the world while making the most of multi-base living with your baby.

Jonathan standing in a beanie and green windbreaker with his bicycle and a mountain in the background.

Jonathan from Canada

Jonathan is an adventure lifestyle advocate who has cycled around the world and toured 40 countries on three continents, constantly searching for new stories. With his girlfriend Gabriel, he and I continue our journey at a slow pace as we set out on our next adventure of writing a second book.

Lindsey taking a selfie with her and her daughter with what appears to be salt baths in the background.

Lindsay from Maryland

Lindsay, a three-generation traveller, and her mother, her teenage daughter Anna, are accessibility advocates who are on a mission to empower and inspire people while embodying the idea that “the magic of travel” should be something everyone can experience. Anna, who uses a wheelchair, has travelled in a campervan since 2015. This program is an opportunity for them to continue their journey, to motivate people around the world to do great things, take on challenges, and participate in the creation of an accessible society.

Maria in the foreground wearing a black jacket and sunglasses. Behind her you see crystal blue waters and a beachtown.

Maria from Argentina

As a journalist, Maria is making the most of her new free time and flexibility as her children have grown up and already left home. We’re always on the adventure of the one we’ve always dreamed of, and in the process we continue to pursue our creative passions.

Stephanie, her husband and her son taking a selfie on the beach.

Stephanie of Tennessee

Airbnb super host Stephanie is passionate about travelling the world and has visited nearly 50 countries with her husband Peter so far. Stephanie knows Airbnb well, but didn’t have the opportunity to experience an long trip using the platform, so this fall, with Peter and her two-year-old son, they’re going on their biggest adventure as a family, continuing to host.

Veronica sits in the grass in the foreground with a pyramid behind her.

Victoria from Russia

An international with a global perspective, Victoria will travel this fall, living on an Airbnb listing while starting her master’s degree in Chinese public policy at Peking University and studying remotely with other students from around the world.

Will and Steven standing in front of a wall of purple flowers.

Will and Steven from France

Two adventurous and digital nomads, Will and Stephen, have been on a journey for the past decade learning about sustainability. We plan to take this long-term travel opportunity to learn about eco-friendly activities around the world and get inspiration for our dream of starting a business.

During the program, participants will share their experiences and learnings by continuously checking in video and writing a diary. These insights will help us form a platform that will allow us to live more and more in the future, including services and resource updates to improve the long-term living experience, identifying the ideal accommodation type for a particular group type (such as family), and the benefits of being a host while traveling.

The site accompanies participants on their global adventures and introduces them to the experiences and insights they gained along the way. Maybe you want to try multi-base living!

*We encourage safe and responsible travel. Domestic and international travel requirements and health guidelines are changing rapidly, so please check the restrictions on your area and where you are staying before booking your trip on Airbnb.

**This program will run from July 2021 to July 2022, of which 10 months will stay at airbnb accommodations.

For enquiries, product placements, sponsorships, and collaborations, connect with us at We'd love to hear from you!

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