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The Prada Groups Joins The Newly Established “Futura” Commission

The “Futura Commission” was set up by the Mayor of Montevarchi Silvia Chiassai Martini, with the aim of forming a permanent advisory body to the mayor and the council made up of local excellences. The “Futura” project was also approved, in which the community will be an “actor of change” through working tables on the green economy, industry, education and work, art and culture, health, social and sports.

The participation of the Prada Group and Patrizio Bertelli is very significant, underlining their strong ties to Valdarno where the Group has had its own industrial headquarters and a growing number of production and logistics plants for over 35 years. The task of representing Prada has been entrusted to Maurizio Ciabatti, Prada Group Director of Worldwide Real Estate Development.

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