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Travel Portland And Airbnb Partner To Help Guests ‘Rediscover Portland’

Travel Portland and Airbnb announced the launch of a new campaign to promote safe, domestic travel with a focus on local businesses, unique stays and experiences that highlight the best Portland has to offer. “Rediscover Portland” is a collaborative effort to support the city’s post-pandemic recovery and the thousands of businesses and workers that rely on the local tourism industry.

The social media and email campaign will target potential travelers in nearby Eugene and Bend, and cities along the west coast. A landing page will feature a curated list of nearby stays, experiences, and local businesses to help travelers plan their future trip to Portland. From the eateries of Portland’s Foster-Powell neighborhood to the diverse cuisine of Alberta’s well-known food carts at Piedmont station, there is something for everyone to enjoy on their next trip.

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on Portland’s tourism economy and the thousands of jobs and small businesses that rely on visitors to survive,” said Adam Thongsavat, Airbnb’s Public Policy Manager. “Airbnb wants to help support the region’s recovery and we hope this campaign will highlight the sights, neighborhoods and experiences that make Portland unique.

“As tourism is an integral part of Portland’s local economy, this partnership between Travel Portland and Airbnb is a meaningful way to connect regional visitors to the amazing restaurants, rentals, retail and other attractions that make Portland a vibrant and welcoming destination. We are thrilled for people to explore the Rediscover Portland webpages, plan future trips to Portland and support local businesses during a critical time of recovery.”

Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Travel Portland

Portland’s tourism industry is a crucial asset to the Portland economy. In 2019, visitors to Portland spent $5.6 billion and generated $277 million in state and local tax revenue. The travel industry supports 36,930 jobs in the Portland area, generating $1.6 billion in employment earnings. The partnership between Travel Portland and Airbnb to promote in-state visitation provides an opportunity to amplify safe opportunities for tourism during these critical months of recovery.

Recent Airbnb survey data shows that travel is the activity Americans have missed the most during the pandemic and yearn to be with the people they care about. The majority are ready to travel in 2021 as soon as they feel safe to do so. Increased interest in feeling comfortable and safe is prompting many travelers to choose destinations that are not just domestic but much closer to home—56 percent prefer a domestic or local destination, and one in five want it to be within driving distance from home.

The campaign also includes Travel Portland’s guidance for safer travel during the pandemic, including information about Oregon travel restrictions. As people continue to find ways to travel and host safely, in line with guidance and rules issued by local governments and health authorities, Airbnb is requiring all hosts and guests to commit to following its COVID-19 safety practices, which include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Partnering with Travel Portland is part of Airbnb’s work with governments and tourism agencies globally to support economic recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. By working with destination marketing organizations, nonprofits and governments to support responsible and safe travel, Airbnb is helping communities harness these economic benefits for local citizens and small businesses.

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