Wednesday, February 28, 2024

How Babies and ‘Barbie’ Changed Ryan Gosling’s Life

It’s hard to believe that Ryan Gosling almost didn’t play Ken in last summer’s megahit Barbie. When he was initially offered the role by...

18 Rich Mom Finds From Nordstrom That Are Trending for Spring — Starting at $28

In the rich mom world, it would be a sin not to have your closet sufficiently stocked before an upcoming season. And right now,...

Save 30% on Red Carpet-Worthy Fine Jewelry from Aurate’s Sale Before It Ends Tonight

Shop Aurate's sale and save 30% on the brand's entire collection of ethically-sourced fine jewelry. ​ News ​Read More

Surprisingly, Indulging In This Narcissistic Habit Could Have Benefits For Your Well-Being

While it may feel awkward and a little self-aggrandizing to use, there’s actually research supporting the advantages of talking in the third person, at...




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