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Author Caroline Calloway Hasn’t ‘F–ked a Guy Who Can Read’ in 2 Years

Caroline Calloway. Noam Galai/Getty Images for Shorty Awards

Controversial author Caroline Calloway is not seeking out dates who are familiar with her career.

“I have not f–ked someone who can read in over two years,” Calloway, 32, claimed during a Tuesday, May 7, appearance on the “No Jumper” podcast. “I meet them on Hinge, and I think maybe if I go on more than a couple dates with them, they might be able to have enough clues about my life to figure out who I am, but most of them, they don’t ask, and I don’t tell them.”

Calloway is based in Sarasota, Florida, and further noted that her hookups only think that she has a “really sweet job” when informed.

Calloway is an influencer and an author. She announced in 2016 that her first book, a memoir titled And We Were Like, would be published by Flatiron Books. The deal fell apart one year later after she alleged that the proposal was based on an inaccurate depiction of her life. Her actual first book, titled Scammer, was published in June 2023.

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Amid Calloway’s career success, some of her past dates have tried to inquire about her job.

“Some of them even tried to give me advice on writing or publishing books, and I’m like, ‘Thanks sweetie,’” she said on Tuesday before noting she doesn’t give these men much time of day. “I really don’t respect them at all. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to POV their inner thoughts.”

No Jumper/YouTube

Calloway did note that she is not sleeping with these allegedly illiterate Florida residents for future writing inspiration.

“I do it purely for fun,” she proclaimed. “I think it’s fun because I hate them all. I always felt that when I was dating in New York, like, these guys are all Ivy League–educated, they all have such cool jobs, these beautiful apartments [and] maybe they’re nepo babies, maybe they come from family money. I always felt, like, these whispers in my ear of my lesser self being like, ‘If you just kept saying yes to another date and another date … your life could be so easy. He could fund your art.’”

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Now that Calloway is dating “Florida guys,” she no longer hears those “whispers” in her head.

“The only thing I want from these dudes is their company,” she stressed. “They have nothing to offer me. I have already outearned their lifetime earning potential, like, it feels like dating like a man. I’m like, ‘I need nothing from you.’”



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