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Jeff Bezos Once Got A Warning About Marrying Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos is going against a previous warning about marrying his longtime girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. On May 22, People confirmed that the tech billionaire is engaged to Sanchez whom he has publicly dated for years. According to the outlet, the Emmy-award-winning journalist who is currently vacationing with Bezos on his million-dollar yacht Koru was spotted wearing a diamond ring. 

Bezos and Sanchez first were forced to go public with their romance in January 2019 after the National Enquirer exposed racy conversations exchanged between the two parties. At the time, Bezoz and his ex-wife Scott Mackenzie had only just announced their divorce while Sanchez was still legally married to Patrick Whitesell. But while the news might have surprised many, Whitesell and Mackenzie reportedly learned about the affair months before it went public. “The world is catching up to it, but it has had zero impact on their relationship. They’ve never been stronger,”  an insider told People.

Still, despite the controversy surrounding their romance, the Amazon founder and Sanchez have continued to wax stronger. “Happy birthday to the man of my dreams, who lights up my world with his laughter and kind heart,” the media personality wrote on Instagram in January. “I am so grateful for the memories we have made and the adventures yet to come. Here’s to many more birthdays filled with love and laughter.” 

Insider said marrying Lauren Sanchez would be ‘a mistake’

Shortly after news of their affair broke in January 2019, a source close to Lauren Sanchez sent out a warning to Jeff Bezos, telling Page Six that the tech billionaire would be making a mistake by marrying his new beau. “Jeff Bezos is seriously stupid if he’s thinking of marrying her,” the source told Page Six. “He’s already seriously stupid for giving up half his fortune for her.” At the time, the insider suggested was in for an interesting journey with Sanchez. An interesting journey, it sure has been — but definitely not in the way the source predicted.

Speaking earlier in 2023, Sanchez opened up about her romance with the tech billionaire, telling The Wall Street Journal what it has been like living together. “Living with Jeff is like having a master class every day,” she told the publication. “What he’s really taught me a lot about is management. Biggest pieces of advice? I hold a lot of meetings and I would talk first in a meeting and he goes, “No, no, no. You’re the boss. You talk last.” And even when Bezos is not dishing out career tips, he inspires Sanchez all the same. “He’s so happy, he inspires me every day, he makes me a better person every day; he’s the most loving human I know,” the former journalist gushed.

Lauren Sanchez has an interesting romantic history

Jeff Bezos might be the richest man in the world but he most certainly isn’t the only famous person Lauren Sanchez has been linked to. The former “So You Think You Can Dance” host was previously married to Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell for 13 years. During their time together, they welcomed two children, a son Evan, born in 2006, and a daughter Eleanor, born in 2008, per People. In April 2019, a few months after her affair with Bezos went public, Sanchez filed for divorce. In addition to Whitesell, the journalist turned helicopter pilot was also previously in a relationship with NFL star Tony Gonzalez with whom she welcomed son Nikko. 

According to a former friend, Sanchez was once engaged to sports journalist Rory Markas whom she met while starting out as an intern at a Los Angeles TV station. The Emmy award-winning media personality also once had romantic relations with actor Henry Simmons and former NFL player Anthony Miller — both of whom she was engaged to. Per the friend, Sanchez’s long list of failed relationships was enough reason to believe her romance would Bezos would also be short-lived.

Miller, one of Sanchez’s ex-fiances, also once spoke out against Sanchez, whom he accused of cheating on him. “I couldn’t really trust her,” he told the Daily Mail in 2019. “She was cheating on me with other guys. I found out when I looked in her diary, and I found out more after I broke up with her.”

Source: NickiSwift

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