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Launch A Career As An Electrical Engineer With This Training Package For Only $29

The average annual salary of an electrical engineer in the U.S. is currently north of $88,000 a year. If you’ve always had an inquisitive mind, an interest in basic electronics, and a desire to kickstart a new career path, this electric circuits engineer course pack may be just the fire you need to steer your professional fortunes down a new path.

The seven-course package featuring more than 28 hours of in-depth instruction can serve as a wide-ranging overview to get you grounded in the fundamental principles of electrical engineering as well as introduce you to the tools of what could be an intriguing new trade.

Your instructor across this exploration of power systems, circuit breakers, grounding systems, transmission lines, and more is Ahmed Mahdy, an electrical power engineer and founder of the Khadija Academy. Mahdy is responsible for teaching nearly 40,000 students the fundamentals of this craft, from first-time beginners to advanced level experts. He even boasts an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star instructor rating, so learners can feel confident that they’re getting the best insights and lessons from these courses.

Named among the top 10% of most engaging instructors by Udemy, Mahdy’s courses like Basic Concepts and Basic Laws of Electric Circuits to AC Circuits for Beginners explain concepts of electrical distribution, machine operations and even what it takes to construct an efficient, money-saving solar energy system. 

From understanding how resonant circuits work to capacitor technology, and to knowing use cases for different circuit theorems, this collection can get you up to speed on all the basics. And with training in MATLAB, learners get experience designing and simulating electrical currents of their own in the virtual world to see if they meet up to real world standards.

Each course in The 2023 Ultimate Electric Circuits Engineer Course Bundle has a $200 value separately, but right now, the entire collection is available for a fraction of that cost at just $29. Grab this course pack now to kickstart a new career and delve into the world of electrical engineering.

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Source Boing Boing

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