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Plan Ahead For The Easiest 2022 Resolution: A Dine Out Staycation

Photo: Hubert Kang / Destination Vancouver

You may associate the transition to January with being that time of year when nobody quite knows what day it is, everyone is still savouring the goodies of the holidays, and the pressure of picking a resolution is mounting.

Well, we’re here to tell you now’s the time to plan ahead and ensure the wake of the holidays carries forwards. Why not? We’ll all have earned a little extra stress-free downtime and the only worry should be what your next course is!

This is where Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2022 enters. A Vancouver institution, the festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary year and is more delicious than ever. Take your pick from hundreds of Vancouver eateries and countless menu options to create an evening out worthy of putting off your resolutions for another week.

Image: Hubert Kang / Destination Vancouver

Not only that, but when you book a night in a Dine Out partnered hotel, you’ll get a $50 Mastercard gift card! It’s really the perfect plan for a night centred around food: feast and then nestle into some high thread-count sheets.

Restaurant Menus and Reservations go live Thursday, January 6, 2022

So make it the first thing you mark in your 2022 calendar. There you go, you’ve already got your resolution!

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