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Métiers d’Excellence LVMH Shine In Italy At SHOW ME Event

Italy’s Altagamma Foundation estimates that by the end of 2025 there will be a shortfall of 270,000 people in exceptional Métiers d’Excellence, including 46,000 unfilled job openings in the fashion and leather goods sectors. The Italian edition of SHOW ME took place at the Teatro Odeon in Florence, welcoming 200 guests. The event showcased the new ambitions of the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH initiative and its strategy to safeguard and celebrate the Group’s uniquely skilled Creative, Craft and Retail métiers in Italy.

The SHOW ME celebration provided a chance to reaffirm the goals of the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH program, particularly in Italy. At the same time, the event focused the spotlight on the 6,000 people from the LVMH Group in the country who work in métiers requiring unique savoir-faire. Participants all emphasized the key role played by Italy within LVMH, which counts seven Maisons, 246 stores and 30 local manufacturing sites in the country and provides work for a network of 5,000 suppliers and subcontractors, representing over 100,000 people.

“As in all the countries where we exercise our unique savoir-faire, there is a pressing need in Italy, to attract people to our Métiers d’Excellence, which span exceptional creative, craft and retail skills. LVMH expects to recruit over 2,000 people in Italy in these professions over the next three years. This is why it is essential for LVMH to take resolute actions to heighten the appeal of these métiers and ensure that this exceptional savoir-faire is passed on to new generations,” says Chantal Gaemperle, EVP Human Resources and Synergies of the LVMH Group.

This second SHOW ME event comes a month after the Paris edition, welcoming an impressive lineup of participants from both LVMH and outside the Group to the stage. They included LVMH Group Managing Director Toni Belloni, Chantal Gaemperle, EVP Human Resources and Synergies of the LVMH Group, Florence Mayor Dario Nardella, Serge Brunschwig, Chairman and CEO of Fendi, Camille Miceli, the recently named Artistic Director of Emilio Pucci, Alexandre Boquel, Director of the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH, as well as virtuosos and apprentices who shared personal perspectives on how essential the savoir-faire embodied by these métiers is for the Group, along with the challenges to be met.

This celebration is aligned with the “WE for ME” Worldwide Engagements for Métiers d’Excellence pact signed last July by the CEOs of LVMH Maisons, signaling their continuing commitment to preserving and promoting these exceptional professions.

The second part of the event showcased creations by Italian apprentices from the IME in a special exhibition, along with the savoir-faire of several Virtuosos from LVMH Maisons. In addition, Fendi’s ambitious “Hand in Hand” program celebrated the vast diversity and exceptional quality of Italian craftsmanship. Fendi asked twenty workshops representing the country’s twenty regions to revisit its iconic Baguette bag.

LVMH in Italy – Key Figures 2021

The LVMH Group

  • 7 Italian Maisons;
  • 30 manufacturing sites, 246 stores;
  • 5,000 LVMH suppliers and subcontractors representing over 100,000 people;
  • 12,000 employees.

Métiers d’Excellence

  • 6,000 people practice Métiers d’Excellence, 71% of them women;
  • The Métiers d’Excellence program is a partner of the “Adotta una Scuola” (Adopt a School) program created by the Altagamma Foundation to support Italy’s remarkable craft savoir-faire.
  • 17 Virtuosos in our Maisons.

The Institut des Métiers d’Excellence

  • Created in 2017 with 27 students in the first class and two training programs: Goldsmithing and Leather Goods;
  • 300 students will have been trained in 2021 since the launch of the IME in Italy;
  • In 2022 there will be 10 training programs, 14 partner Maisons and 80 new apprentices.

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