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Fendi Celebrates Excellence Of Italian Craftsmanship With Hand In Hand Exhibition

© Fendi

Fendi is presenting the Hand in Hand exhibition at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome through November 28. The event continues and enriches the Hand in Hand craftsmanship initiative launched in 2020 to celebrate the excellence of traditional Italian craftsmanship through the prism of fashion. The exhibition showcases stunning interpretations of the iconic Fendi Baguette bag – designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997 – with 20 handmade pieces, each emblematic of unique skills that thrive in an Italian region.

The Hand in Hand initiative is a partnership with local artisans across Italy who are invited to transform the iconic Baguette into a work of art thanks to exceptional artisanal skill. The 20 handbags presented in the exhibition represent celebrations of local savoir-faire that has been preserved and passed on for centuries. The rich and diverse creations showcase the extravagance of precious metals and stones, the intricacy of mosaics, the purity of cotton embroidery and the beauty of perfectly molded leather.

Artisanal processes are embedded in a historical and cultural narrative thanks to a captivating scenography that fuses the physical and digital experience. Floor-to-ceiling LED screens project extraordinary patience and skill, as artisans sketch designs, prepare materials and apply age-old techniques.

The exhibition centers around a 30-meter multimedia installation of craft tables, creating an immersive atelier simulation. Each interpretation of the Baguette bag is displayed alongside the materials and tools used to revisit the iconic design. Twenty meticulous processes – from weaving and embroidery to mosaic are revealed in a series of videos, taking visitors on a voyage across Italy and into family-owned workshops and craft collectives.

Beyond the creation of unique pieces, the Hand in Hand project encourages the preservation and passing on of the unique savoir-faire of Italian artisans while strengthening their network of relationships.

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