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A Busy Fall Literary Season For Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Publishing is expanding its catalogue this fall with 15 entirely updated City Guides, three new Fashion Eye photography books, plus a biographical novel by Caroline Bongrand (published by Gallimard) entitled  Louis Vuitton, l’Audacieux. Louis Vuitton Publishing celebrates a love of reading, books and elegantly crafted tomes through the seasons and travels, carrying on the Maison’s close relationship with artists and writers across the globe.


Louis Vuitton has instilled its nomadic spirit into its City Guides since 1998, proposing fresh and personal perspectives of each destination. The latest edition is an invitation to new travel experiences with an updated version of the Paris guide, plus fully revised City Guides featuring new addresses for Berlin, Cape Town, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Milan, New York, Beijing, Prague, Rome, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

To reveal the spirit of each city, Louis Vuitton calls on independent writers who have contributed to prestigious publications, joined by special guests who share secrets in “their” city with readers. To help capture the soul of the cities, Louis Vuitton partners with Tendance Floue, a collective of photographers, who contribute an exclusive portfolio of pictures for each destination.

The 15 cities around the world in this new release are also available in an exquisite limited edition box set in lacquered wood. The stunning lacquered wood boxes come in a choice of five bright colors with special appeal to intrepid travelers avid for rare finds.  The City Guide experience is accessible in a great digital version for iPhone and iPad too, as well as a series of videos on Apple TV. What’s more, the Tambour Horizon, Louis Vuitton’s first smartwatch, offers instant connection to the City Guide app’s “Near Me” and “24H” features.

With an original view of 32 cities around the world and more than 20,000 addresses, Louis Vuitton City Guides are an essential companion for today’s discerning travelers.


Louis Vuitton sees photography as a perfect medium to express the spirit of travel and has created a special collection to feature fresh visual approaches that capture exceptional destinations. This fall, the Fashion Eye collection welcomes three new titles.

Paris by Melvin Sokolsky. Born in New York in 1938, the American photographer brings together for the first time photos from his two iconic fashion series shot in Paris: Bubble (1963) and Fly (1965). The two aerial fantasies – both legends in the history of fashion photography – take us on a flight over the French capital with ebullient elegance.

Paris by Feng Li. Born in Chengdu (Sichuan province) in 1971, Feng Li has won a host of photography prizes. He turns his insightful gaze – both offbeat and acerbic – on the City of Light. Combining biting irony with romantic lyricism, he proposes an uninhibited and irreverent take on a kaleidoscopic Paris.

London by Robi Rodriguez. In this work, the Spanish photographer creates a palpably intense atmosphere. London becomes the backdrop and its inhabitants the players in a narrative on the margins of everyday life. In an ethereal play of shadows and light, the series of images compels an awareness of the city’s majesty.

Fashion Eye nurtures a unique dialogue between contemporary talents and little-known archival treasures of fashion photography, creating an invaluable body of reference spanning both artistic approaches and aesthetics.


Gallimard has published a highly original novel about Louis Vuitton in conjunction with the bicentennial of his birth. There is also an audiobook version, read in French and English, respectively, by actors Isabelle Huppert and Jennifer Connelly.

With a surname that means “stubborn” in the local Jura dialect, Louis Vuitton left the family mill to get away from his stepmother at the age of just 14, wearing clogs, without even a loaf of bread, but armed with a more than ample store of determination. His initiatory trek took him to Paris after two years. There, he found work at Maréchal, the most prestigious trunkmaker and packer on Faubourg Saint-Honoré. From then on, good fortune continued to smile upon him.

With a lively and entertaining style, Caroline Bongrand retraces the ascent of the intrepid young man and virtuoso craftsman in a Paris transformed by Baron Haussmann.  When Eugénie de Montijo became Empress of France, she kept her favorite packer and long-standing friend with her. After opening his eponymous business in 1854, Louis Vuitton innovated with indefatigable enthusiasm. Embracing the splendor of the Second Empire, he designed trunks to protect the most extravagant outfits and survive far-flung travels, transforming his own life into the stuff of fiction.

Novelist Caroline Bongrand has written over a dozen books, including Ce que nous sommes, published by Denoël in 2020, and an essay on women’s issues. She also wrote the screenplay for the 2021 film Eiffel (2021).

Books have always held a special place in the history of Louis Vuitton. When it first opened in 1914, the Champs-Élysées store welcomed customers to a plush reading and correspondence room. This tradition continues today at Louis Vuitton bookstores, which propose a selection of books on the arts, design, fashion and travel.

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