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All-New Episode Of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL Debuts July 27

The series is available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max.

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July segments include:

  • NBA Cannabis Owners: More and more former NBA players are jumping into the new green gold rush, the billion-dollar cannabis industry.  Players like Al Harrington and Matt Barnes, who consider their second acts more like passion-projects, drawn not only from years of personal marijuana use but as a vehicle to benefit the Black community. Besides growing and selling his own products, Harrington, for example, says he’s made it his mission to extend opportunities for investment and development, hoping to mint a new generation of Black millionaires. Correspondent David Scott reports. Producer: Jordan Kronick.


  • Animal Hunting Contests: With various animal populations growing out of control in parts of the country and causing damage, correspondent Soledad O’Brien examines how numerous hunting contests across the country have been set up in order to help curb those numbers. In recent years, with mounting pressure from animal rights groups, some states have started banning these contests. Producer: Nisreen Habbal.


  • Chess Prodigy: While many kids dream about playing professional football or basketball, 10-year old Tani Adewumi dreams about becoming the youngest chess player ever to be awarded the title of Grandmaster. It’s even more stunning considering Tani and his family are lucky to be alive after they were forced to flee their home in Nigeria in 2017 after being targeted by Boko Haram, and found refuge in a homeless shelter in New York City.  Correspondent Mary Carillo reports. Producer: Beret Remak.


  • Adaptive Paragliding (Revisit): In 2018 we discovered Project Airtime, a Utah-based adaptive paragliding outfit founded by one-time extreme sportsman Chris Santacroce, who himself overcame a temporary paralysis after a near-fatal stunt. Over the years, Santacroce has recruited countless disabled athletes from around the country. One of those recruits, Joe Stone, has now brought this mission to his new home of Jackson, WY, where he’s established a Project Airtime outpost to spread the paragliding gospel and give others like him the chance to experience the sport. Correspondent Jon Frankel reports. Update Producer: Evan Burgos.

The executive producer of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL is Joe Perskie.

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