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Loki: Episode 3 Event Report


In Episode 3 of Marvel Studios’ Loki, “Lamentis,” Loki follows the Variant back to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) following the Class 10 Apocalypse at Roxxcart.

In order to evade a pruning by Judge Renslayer and her Minutemen, Loki opens a Time Door. Unfortunately, for him and the variant Sylvie, they’re now trapped on an apocalyptic moon — and time isn’t on their side!

Stream Episode 3 “Lamentis” of Loki now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Event Report below!

Loki: Episode 3 Event Report

•    Roxxcart, Haven Hills, Alabama, 2050
•    Lamentis-1, 2077

Loki: Episode 3 Event Report

•    Hunter C-20
•    Judge Renslayer

Loki: Episode 3 Event Report

Frozen in Place

In a kitschy bar, Hunter C-20 and the Variant catch up over drinks. After sipping her drink too quickly, Hunter C-20 gets a brain freeze. The Variant explains that a brain freeze occurs when you drink something so cold that the coldness permeates the roof of your mouth and freezes your synapses, resulting in your memories being “literally frozen in place.” Hunter C-20 laughs it off and doesn’t believe the Variant, to which the Variant says she’s going to prove it by quizzing Hunter C-20, who won’t be able to answer until her synapses melt. In a playful manner, the Variant asks her how many people are guarding the Time Keepers, which disorients Hunter C-20 as she senses something isn’t quite right.

The memory is reset and the Variant reassures Hunter C-20 that they’ve been best friends for a long time. She can trust her with anything, especially with sensitive information regarding how many people are guarding the Time Keepers.

Hunter C-20 firmly states that she remembers this bar, but she doesn’t remember the Variant. Revealing what’s happening, the two are actually in the Roxxcart security office and the Variant had been enchanting the young hunter’s memory; however, her control over Hunter C-20 is weakening. The Variant makes one last attempt and asks Hunter C-20 where she can find the elevators to the Time Keepers. Hunter C-20 responds that they’re gold, with intel she can work with, the Variant breaks the enchantment and knocks out the hunter when she suddenly wakes up.

The Variant, Sylvie

For My Next Trick

Having followed the Variant through a Time Door to the Time Variance Authority (TVA), Loki takes a slight detour to procure his daggers (which Hunter B-15 has stashed in her locker). Arriving at the golden elevator doors to the Time Keepers and interrupting her mission, Loki tells the Variant he has a few questions for her. After refusing and belittling him for not having anything better to do, Loki, exasperated, responds, “Rude. You sure you’re a Loki?” He now sees that she lacks the vision to work together for a common goal; whether she comes willingly or not, he will meet the Time Keepers.

After another row with one another, Judge Renslayer arrives with her Minutemen. With her Time Stick on hand, Renslayer prepares to delete the two Loki variants. Reacting quickly, Loki opens another Time Door, which he and the Variant fall through narrowly avoiding Renslayer.

Safely dropping somewhere far away from the TVA, Loki and the Variant resume their quarrel from earlier. Loki manages to grab the TemPad, which is now drained of power after opening a thousand Time Doors at Roxxcart. Loki uses his powers to conceal the TemPad, stating that he does indeed know how to recharge the device as she’s not the only tech-savvy Loki present. The Variant admonishes him for calling her a Loki, and pointedly asks if he’s just a magician.


As they both prepare for another round with one another, they realized their stances are annoyingly identical — Loki with his daggers and the Variant with her machete. Once again, they’re interrupted when a burning meteorite suddenly smashed through the roof and lands right between them. Stepping out of the mining tent, Loki and the Variant see that they’ve landed in the middle of an apocalyptic disaster. Realizing where they are, the Variant declares Loki an idiot for transporting them to Lamentis-1, a moon whose planet is about to crash into and destroy it. “Of all the apocalypses saved on that TemPad, this is the worst. We’ll never make it off here,” shouts the Variant as they run across the moon avoiding the falling debris of the meteor storm. Despite hating each other, they pull each other out of danger’s way. The Variant explains she needs him alive because if he’s blown up, the TemPad blows up, and then she ends up blown up. But let’s make something clear, they are not a team.

Hiding out in another mining shack, as they both try to get their bearings, the Variant puts her two hands on Loki’s neck in order to enchant him. However, it doesn’t work — as Loki puts it, his mind is too strong. Too exhausted for another row, Loki proposes a truce — he has the TemPad and they won’t get very far if she’s trying to kill him every 30 seconds. Furious and defeated, the Variant makes it known that he interrupted her plan that was years in the making, and that the moment they get the TemPad working again, she’s heading back to the TVA to finish what she started. And she will kill him then.

What Makes A Loki A Loki?

Exiting the mining shack, the Variant is determined to find a power source somewhere on this moon — they need enough to travel through interdimensional time and space. Just because they’re stuck together on this current plan to find a town near the quarry, it doesn’t mean she wants to hear Loki’s voice every moment of the trek.

Lamentis-1 moon

After Loki refers to her as the ‘Variant’ again, she firmly tells her to not call her that, and to not call her a ‘Loki’ either. That’s not who she is anymore; she’s Sylvie now. Loki retorts that her new alias is not very Loki-like. Exasperated, Sylvie asks, “What exactly makes a Loki a Loki?” Remembering what Mobius told him earlier, Loki replies, “Independence. Authority. Style.”

As the journey across the Lamentis-1 landscape, Loki and Sylvie slowly start to learn more about each other. Sylvie wonders why Loki would go work for the boring, oppressive time police, to which Loki explains, he’s a consultant; he works for himself. In response, Loki critiques Sylvie’s years in the making plan of tearing down the TVA, creating the ultimate power vacuum, and simply walking away. He would never do that, which further cements Sylvie’s point — she’s not him.

Weary Travelers

Loki and Sylvie make it to a mining town, but it’s largely abandoned. Sylvie tells Loki all the inhabitants of the moon have left in vain — within 12 hours or so, things will only get far worse with more meteors, gravity quakes, and the collapse of society in the face of annihilation.

Loki and Sylvie

As the discover a home still occupied, Loki reminds Sylvie, “Brute force is no substitute for diplomacy and guile,” to which Sylvie kicks down the door. However, the old occupant of the home blows Sylvie off the porch with a blast. Loki approaches the woman cautiously as he shapeshifts into the woman’s husband after seeing a photo of them together. Loki too ends up flat on the ground after being blown off the porch by the homesteader. She tells the two “devils” that her Patrice has never once said a nice thing to her in 30 years. Reassuring the homesteader that they mean her no harm, Sylvie asks her where did everyone in the town go? She responds that everyone’s trying to make it on to the sole evacuation vessel, the Ark. To get on it, they’ll need to take the train on the edge of town; but they’ll never get a ticket.

Loki and Sylvie continue their trek across town as the planet continues its encroachment on Lamentis-1. Upon arriving at the train station, the duo find an agitated crowd that has been waiting for hours to get on the train headed for the Ark. The train is about to depart for the capital city of Shuroo. The crowd notices that the Lamentian guards are only allowing rich people onto the train. Not trusting of Sylvie’s usual tactic of fighting, Loki projects Lamentian guard clothing and gear on himself and escorts his detainee Sylvie onto the platform. As a guard radios his superior when Loki is unable to show any tickets, Sylvie places a hand on the guard and enchants him, ensuring their passage on the train.

Loki and Sylvie

Love is a Dagger

Finally settled in a booth in the dining cart of the train, Loki and Sylvie remain guarded and untrusting of each other. Instead of getting much needed rest, the two variants trade barbs at one another. Sylvie comments that someone taught Loki fairly decent magic. Loki reveals it was his mother and momentarily reminisces fondly of Frigga as a good and purely decent person. Sylvie quips if he’s sure that was his mother then. He states that he was adopted and apologies for the “spoiler.” Sylvie states that she knew she was adopted. Realizing their different upbringings, Loki asks Sylvie about her mother; however, Sylvie doesn’t remember her, “just blips of a dream at this point.”

Loki, realizing how lucky he was, drifts to memories of Frigga, recalling how she taught him magic when he was younger. He was in awe of his mother and her magic. Loki shares that he used to think it was all impossible but she would reassure him that one day he’d be able to do it too because “I could do anything.” Loki tells Sylvie his mother was the kind of person you want to believe in you. Sylvie cautiously shares that she taught herself magic.

The bartender offers them both glasses of champagne, which Sylvie declines. Loki takes both glasses and cheers to the end of the world. After taking a sip, Loki comments that it was a pity the old woman they met earlier chose to die. Sylvie explains that the woman was in love, choosing to live out her time in her and her late husband’s home. Loki doesn’t believe that thinking the woman hated her husband, to which Sylvie replies, maybe “love is hate.”

Loki and Sylvie

Mocking Sylvie, Loki conjures a quill and parchment and writes down “love is hate,” charming Sylvie just a bit. On the subject of love, Loki asks Sylvie if there’s a lucky beau waiting for her at the end of this crusade. Sylvie sarcastically retorts that she’s actually maintaining a serious long distance relationship with a postman as she runs across time from one apocalypse to another. Sylvie throws the question back at him, if there were any would-be princesses or perhaps another prince in his life. Loki reflects, “A bit of both; I suspect the same as you.” Quietly pondering each other’s views of love, they both realize they are alike in the sense that they’ve never found something real in a romantic partner. Sylvie concludes that “love is mischief,” while Loki states he needs another drink before he thinks further on the subject of love. Sylvie comments that the task at hand won’t be easy as they try to hijack a civilization’s only hope – their power source, the Ark — so they should rest. Loki tells Sylvie to rest her way while he rests his way.

After some time, Sylvie awakens from her nap to a drunk Loki serenading the crowded dining cart with an Asgardian ballad back in his TVA suit. Sylvie is slightly charmed once again before she notices another patron put off by Loki’s display. Sylvie tries to get Loki’s attention reminding him that they’re supposed to lay low. However, Loki dismisses her paranoia and tells her he finally thought of an answer — love is a dagger. Loki explains that love is “a weapon to be wielded far away, or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful, until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when. You reach for it…”

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Sylvie completes his thought, “It isn’t real. Love is an imaginary dagger,” before concluding that it’s a terrible metaphor. Before he can think about his response some more, the pair are interrupted by a Lamentian guard asking for their tickets. As he tries to conjure up the tickets, Loki drunkenly sets off small fireworks with his hands instead, resulting in a brawl with the guards versus him and Sylvie.

Loki is thrown through the train window by the guards. Sylvie laughs to herself until she remembers Loki still has the TemPad. Grabbing her machete, she leaps out of the window after Loki.


One Way Trip to Shuroo

On the side of the train tracks, Sylvie, with her machete in hand, approaches Loki demanding he hand over the TemPad. Unfortunately, the device is completely shattered because it broke his fall from the train. Sylvie is livid with Loki for dooming them, choosing to be hedonistic at the expense of the mission.

Frustrated beyond belief, Sylvie, vibrating with anger, unleashes her lifetime of pent-up fury and exhaustion with a primal scream. Stunned by the display of emotion in Sylvie’s scream, Loki does not make a snide remark.

Taking a seat on the ground next to Sylvie, Loki asks if that scream made her feel better; it did. Loki inquires about the apocalypse they’re about to witness. Sylvie reveals that the entire moon is destroyed; everyone killed because the Ark never makes it as it’s destroyed too. Loki proposes creating a Nexus Event by getting onto that Ark and ensuring the inhabitants on the Ark make it off the moon.

With a new goal and plan, Loki and Sylvie resume their journey to Shuroo on foot. During their trek across Lamentis-1, Loki tells Sylvie that he has revealed so much about himself to her, but that he still doesn’t know anything about her. Sylvie thanks him for the tactical advantage before truthfully explaining how her enchantment powers work.


Sylvie begins to walk through the mechanics of enchantment — first, she has to make physical contact in order to grab hold of their mind. While most minds are easy and can instantly be overtaken, others are stronger and require much more work. In order to preserve the connection, she has to create a fantasy from their memories. Sylvie recalls the mind of Hunter C-20 revealing it was so clouded and messed up that she had to pull a memory from hundreds of years ago, before she ever fought for the TVA. Loki is in disbelief; he was told everyone who works for the TVA was created by the Time Keepers.

Sylvie clarifies that Hunter C-20 was just a regular person on earth who loved margaritas, and points out that everyone at the TVA is just like them — they’re all variants! Shocked, Loki remarks that no one at the TVA knows that.

Before Loki can process any further, Loki and Sylvie arrive in Shuroo. Resolved in trusting each other, they emerge out of a tunnel exit upon a city in complete mayhem as desperate civilians clash with oppressive guards. Determined to make it on the Ark and create a Nexus Event, Loki and Sylvie fight their way through the crowd as gravity quakes and meteor storms intensify around them.

Helping each other forward and holding off the Lamentian guards, Loki and Sylvie reach closer to the Ark. Suddenly, a blinding flash bursts from above along with a thunderous soundwave ripples as the planet breaks in half above them. BOOM! A meteor crashes through the Ark with Loki and Sylvie looking on in disbelief as the massive vessel explodes. Crushed, Sylvie walks away dejected as Loki’s eyes are still locked on the destroyed Ark.


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