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Meet Netflix’s First-Ever Anime Ambassador: VTuber N-ko Mei Kurono

There’s something special about how anime speaks to people. From fish out of water stories where a hardened yakuza retires to become a househusband, to high school dramas where the students are literal hormone-filled animals, to rich creative visions that merge East and West through the journey of a Black samurai, there is something in anime for everyone.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan like me or just discovering anime for the first time, anime connects people of different cultures and backgrounds. A big part of being an anime fan is having a community to belong to where you can discuss favorite characters, recommend titles, and enjoy incredible stories together.

N-ko Mei Kurono Debut

My team and I asked ourselves, how could we personally and directly be a part of this anime fan community? Enter N-ko (pronounced e-nu-ko) Mei Kurono, our very own VTuber who makes her debut today! Living on Netflix Anime YouTube, N-ko is our official Netflix Anime Ambassador. N-ko will connect with fans around the world by hosting her very own weekly show, The N-ko Show. Stay tuned for its first episode launching globally on April 30, 10AM (Japan time) on our Netflix Anime YouTube channel.

VTubers, short for “Virtual YouTubers,” are virtual characters who interact with fans from their own worlds, which have aesthetic and thematic similarities to anime. A lot of us at Netflix are big VTuber fans, so when we looked at how we could find new ways to connect our members with anime titles they’ll love, creating our own VTuber was one of the first ideas that came to mind.

What makes N-ko particularly exciting is that she is voiced and performed by one of my stunning colleagues at Netflix, a (sheep-human lifeform) member of the anime team, who also happens to live and breathe anime just like me! Through N-ko, our team is excited to join the exciting anime conversations already happening online and to be able to share all the great anime Netflix has ahead. Please join me in welcoming N-ko to the anime world!


By Rob Pereyda Head of Anime, Editorial & Publishing
Source Netflix

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