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25 Essential Christmas Decorations You Must Own

Planning for Christmas is a really big deal to some people – including me! I love celebrating the holidays by ensuring I have the house decked out in the most festive Christmas decorations I can find. From snowmen to Santa Clause, to reindeer to nativity scenes, there is truly an endless amount of Christmas items and motifs to choose from when decorating the inside of your house for Christmas. I wanted to create a massive list of Christmas decorations for you to go through and ensure you have at least one of each!

Christmas Decorations

Here is our list of basic Christmas decorations for the home!

1. Christmas Tree

It isn’t Christmas without a family Christmas tree. Even if it’s a small one, you can’t celebrate Christmas without installing an evergreen tree to decorate in your family room, with presents stored underneath it! Be sure to purchase a solid tree stand to make sure your tree stands upright and has water to keep it hydrated. Flocked Christmas trees are very in style right now!

2. Tree Skirt

Next up, you’ll need a tree skirt to wrap around the base of your Christmas tree. The skirt will also hold all your Christmas presents so it doesn’t have to be too fancy! Another benefit of having a tree skirt is that it will hold all the little pine needles that fall from your tree over the weeks! Tree skirts can also be baskets, galvanized buckets, and other forms. You can get one to match the style of your home.

3. Ornaments

One of the most fun parts of decorating for Christmas is hanging ornaments on the tree! Many people like to put on Christmas music and drink wine as they decorate their trees with ornaments. You can choose a theme for your Christmas tree like metallics or red or even coastal, or you can decorate it with an eclectic collection of ornaments. Growing up, our Christmas tree was always decorated with various family ornaments and old photos that made it special to us!

4. Tree Topper

The final touch on your Christmas tree is the tree topper, an object which sits on the tallest branch of the tree and completes the look. The most popular tree toppers are an angel or a star.

5. Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath is an essential part of any Christmas decorating plan. Wreaths are beautiful circular decorations that help to dress up any door they are placed on. You can use a wreath on your front door, as they commonly are found, but also on your interior doors! Hang a festive holiday wreath on your bathroom door to easily direct guests to where it is! Wreaths can be made of evergreen, berries, or other natural materials. The choice is up to you!

6. Stockings (and stocking hooks)

The tradition of hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel before Christmas is a tradition as old as time. I used to love waking up on Christmas day to find little goodies stuffed inside my stocking. It’s a tradition I will always cherish. Pick up a stocking for each member of your family and use stocking hooks to hang them in front of your fireplace. This is definitely a must-have traditional Christmas decoration!

7. Santa Claus Figure

Every home should own at least one Santa Claus figure. Santa Claus is a central figure for kids who celebrate Christmas. He brings them their gifts and toys (if they’ve been good) so he should absolutely be represented in your home!

8. Reindeer

Of course, Santa doesn’t work alone. He has reindeer to help pull his sleigh and get him around the world to deliver presents! Don’t leave Santa alone and purchase a few reindeer figurines to accompany him!

9. Mini Tree

Evergreen trees are a big part of Christmas decor, but it’s a little impractical to have a large one in every room of your home. So why not purchase several mini evergreen trees to place all over your house? You can purchase these mini trees in just about every color and style. They are a great way to add a little cheer to a room that otherwise isn’t “Christmas central” like the living room is!

10. Nativity Scene

It’s important to remember that Christmas is a religious holiday. The original purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus. If you are religious and want to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive in your home, then a nativity scene is a must. You can purchase a small or large nativity scene, as you prefer. Furthermore, there are so many different animals and accents you can add to it over time.

11. Garland

Garland is a fun and festive Christmas decoration that can be used in a few places. This 50 foot garland, you can hang an evergreen garland on your fireplace mantel, around the staircase banister, or even draped over your bedroom headboard.

12. Putz Houses

Many people buy putz houses and create Christmas village decorations in their homes. These small little houses can be found in a variety of styles. Some are pre-lit and others require votives in order to illuminate them.

13. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a common Christmas decorating motif. These bright red flowers are especially popular at Christmastime. You can use these to decorate your front entryway or place them on your staircase!

14. Candles

Christmas-scented candles are the perfect decoration to make it smell like Christmas in your home! There are so many different scents you can use to fill the air with a delightful holiday smell. You can also use little Christmas votives on your dining room centerpiece.

15. Nature

Elements like evergreen, cranberry, and pinecones are the perfect natural elements to add to your Christmas decor. If you’re lucky enough to live in a rural community, then you can find these decorative items outside for free! Otherwise, you can definitely find a good selection of natural Christmas decorations online.

16. Mistletoe

One of the more romantic Christmas decorations, sharing a kiss under the mistletoe plant supposedly sends blessings and good fortune to the couple. You can hang mistletoe above the doorway between two rooms for a touch of Christmas romance!

17. Tinsel

Tinsel is one of the more fun Christmas decorations. You can find everything from tinsel trees to tinsel garlands that can be used to decorate for Christmas. It is somewhat similar to the appearance of ice, as it is created by attaching thin strips of a sparkling material to a central thread. I love the shiny, metallic appearance of this decoration!

18. Nutcracker

Nutcrackers are common Christmas decorations that resemble toy soldiers. According to German folklore, they are a sign of good luck and serve as protectors of the house. They also cracked nuts, hence their name, although most of those you can buy today are merely decorative. Nutcracker dolls date back to late 17th century Germany in the Ore Mountains. They were often given as gifts, and so became associated with Christmas. Many American soldiers came home with these German decorations after the Second World War, and the popularity of the ballet, The Nutcracker, helped cement their place in American Christmas culture. Most nutcrackers are painted in bright colors, but you can also find many that resemble popular icons.

19. Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is a fun way to count down the days remaining until the Christmas holiday. Most Advent calendars feature small doors that open to reveal an image, a Bible verse, or little gifts such as candy. The tradition can be traced back to the mid-19th century when German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to signify each day that led to Christmas. You can find Advent calendars in many different forms, but the best ones are those that offer a small gift!

20. Christmas Linens (Bedding, Sheets)

Many people like to swap out their summer and fall sheets for Christmas-themed flannel sheets. They can help set a festive Christmas mood in the bedroom while also keeping you extra warm at night! If you are hosting family and friends during the holidays overnight, then this is one decoration I would not skip out on!

21. Christmas Tableware (Plates, Napkins, Serving Platters)

Another Christmas decoration that is necessary if you are the Christmas host this year is tableware! Everything from plates to napkins to serving platters can be found in a Christmas style.

22. Red Velvet Ribbon Bows

This decoration is really simple so it’s great if you’re decorating on a budget for Christmas. Taking a thick red velvet ribbon and tying it into a bow around various objects in your house is the easiest and most affordable way to decorate for Christmas!

23. Fake Snow

If your house isn’t located at the North Pole, then why not add some fake snow to give a wintry feeling to your home? You could put fake snow on top of a console table and then add your Christmas village putz houses. Or you could just add fake snow around the Santa Claus figures, the nutcrackers, or any other little Christmas decoration you have. It’s a great way to create a vignette of Christmas decor!

24. Christmas Centerpiece

The Christmas centerpiece is definitely an important decoration if you are hosting a Christmas dinner. Your guests will admire the thought you put into crafting or selecting the perfect centerpiece that ties the table together.

25. String Lights

Lastly, string lights are a must-have Christmas decoration. You can string them almost anywhere in the house such as along the mantel, around the staircase banister, or along the hood of your range. These versatile little decorations will add a touch of light to your space in a fun way! String lights are also really useful to have year-round too, so this is definitely an investment decoration you’ll get a lot of use from!

Christmas Decorations by Style

If you would like to decorate for Christmas with a particular style in mind, then check out these guides!

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