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Google Ads Vs Amazon Ads: Which is Better for E-commerce Businesses?

In every field, there will be different entities that are competing to be the best in that field. They dominate the market, and now there is competition to be the best. Similarly, in the field of marketing, or to be precise retail advertising, there will always be a battle as to who is the best, Google ads or Amazon ads?

Every e-commerce brand that has become successful in the past few years has had Google ads or Amazon ads at its core. Now, as a marketer, it becomes a difficult question as to where to actually invest the money? Should they go for Amazon ads or opt for Google ads? Both of them have established their authority in the advertising field, however, now we have to figure out which is the best.

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Now, let us compare the two retail advertising brands against each other and try to determine the best.

● When it comes to Google ads, the customer is taken to the advertiser’s site for shopping ads. But, when it comes to Amazon ads, the prospective customer is taken to the page that has the details of the product that was being advertised. This way, the user never actually leaves the Amazon website. Now, when one is taken to the website of the product, it increases the monthly traffic, displays other products as well which can increase the value of the purchase. However, when it comes to Amazon ads, there is no conversion. So, for brand awareness Google ads are suitable.

● With Amazon, conversion tracking is quite easy. It becomes simple to track order and revenue. But, when it comes to Google ads, things get more complicated. While using Google ads, retailers will have to have their own conversion actions. Now, if you are a novice in the field then you will have to think about this once before taking any steps. Conversion tracking can become difficult if you do not have the experience for it.


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Now, these were the grounds on which we could differentiate between Google ads and Amazon ads. However, looking at these differences one can see that both of them have their own strong points and weaknesses. So, what is the conclusion?

The answer to the question of which is best, Google ads or Amazon ads, is, it depends. Every seller is going to have a different objective of using ads. So, one must use them as per the requirements. Both these platforms are highly profitable for sellers. However, if only one has to be chosen then you will have to choose which suits your needs the most.

If one wants to boost their sales, then Amazon ads is the way to go. And if the purpose is increasing the awareness of your brand, then Google ads is your best bet. If one wants to increase their presence out of Amazon, then you can use Google ads. However, if you have enough resources to use both, then it will bring maximum results.

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