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At FIAC 2021, LVMH Presents “Conversations Ex Situ”, A Work By Jérémy Gobé Created In Collaboration With La Fabrique NOMADE

“Conversations Ex Situ” demonstrates LVMH’s commitment to preserving and raising the profile of craft professions. This unprecedented collaboration between an artist and five female artisans from La Fabrique NOMADE is in keeping with the aims of LVMH’s Métiers d’Excellence program, which intends to promote savoir-faire to a wider public, ensure that the related skills are passed on, and put the spotlight on those who work in these professions.

LVMH invited the visual artist Jérémy Gobé to combine his vision with the expertise of five female artisans supported by La Fabrique NOMADE: Anna-Karina Raga (jeweler), Faten Al Ali (ceramist), Fiorella Gonzalez (crocheter), Ghazaleh Esmailpour Qouchani (jeweler), and Serap Karabulut (embroiderer).

Sponsored by LVMH since 2019, La Fabrique NOMADE works to provide access to employment for refugee artisans in France. This nonprofit organization identifies, trains and assists these artisans in adapting their expertise to the French market so that they can continue to practice their chosen craft and attain the status they deserve in France. La Fabrique NOMADE also promotes their artisanal expertise through the creation of exhibited pieces and special commissions.

“Building knowledge of our heritage and our traditional expertise helps us innovate today to shape the world of tomorrow.”, says the artist Jérémy Gobé.

In addition to raising awareness of specific types of artisanal expertise and those working in the related professions, Gobé and the craftswomen examined together the ties between creation and action, innovation and tradition, artist and artisan, the protection of biodiversity and that of identities endangered by forced migration. “Conversations Ex Situ” grew out of this collaboration. Their work presented at FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain), which is being held from October 21 to 24 in Paris, consists of several individual pieces that are all part of a larger creation, in the manner of coral polyps that, joined with others and sharing the same limestone skeleton, or calicle, form a coral reef.

This work is at the junction of three strong commitments by the LVMH Group:

  • First of all, there is its commitment to promote artisanal expertise, brought to the fore by the “Métiers d’Excellence” program and essential to the success of the Group, which brings together a living heritage of over 280 savoir-faire.
  • Next is its commitment to society, which leads LVMH to offer long-term support to social and solidarity economy actors such as La Fabrique NOMADE.
  • Last but not least is its commitment to the environment, since all of the Group’s products derive from nature – there cannot be perfume without flowers, wine without grapes, or ready-to-wear clothes without materials such as cotton, leather or wool.

Jérémy Gobé

The work of the artist Jérémy Gobé reflects a vision of art “in life”, one that does not try to recreate the past, but instead to carry it into the present and beyond. Drawing inspiration from age-old expertise, Gobé develops comprehensive solutions to contemporary issues. His works proposing a reconnection with nature have been exhibited both in France, at venues including the Palais de Tokyo, Centquatre-Paris and the Bullukian Foundation, and abroad at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami, Zhejiang Art Museum in Hangzhou and Yuz Museum in Shanghai, among other institutions. In 2017, Gobé founded Corail Artefact, a project combining art, artisanal expertise, science, industry and education to save coral reefs.

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La Fabrique NOMADE

Building connections between artists and artisans and serving as a bridge between artisanal expertise and art, La Fabrique NOMADE helped five female artisans take part in the creation of this work with Jérémy Gobé.

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