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Formula 1 And VRM Join Forces To Bring Grand Prix Exclusive And Immersive Experiences To The Chinese Market

Formula 1® and advertising and marketing agency VRM are partnering to develop a new entertainment model. They will organize premium hospitality events in China with the aim of offering fans in the country a different way to enjoy the Grands Prix. Formula 1® fans will be offered an immersive experience that will put them at the heart of the action, despite being across the other side of the world.

Formula 1® has signed a multi-year agreement with VRM (Virtual Real Management), which      will design and develop exclusive hospitality events for Chinese brands and consumers. The experiences will include the participation of F1® legends, who have made history in the sport, who will accompany and entertain fans during the days at the Chinese circuits.

The guests will experience a double reality, the physical reality at the circuits where the events will take place, and the virtual reality with the Formula 1® race that they will watch live on screen in a luxury hospitality setting. In addition to witnessing the Grand Prix in a premium environment, the model presents a modern and original experience that will include pre- and post-race actions such as briefings with specialists, hot laps on the track with historic drivers, such as Emerson Fittipaldi, driving courses, contests, relationships with customers at other tracks, and connections with the main stars of Formula 1®.

“Thanks to our technology, we open exclusive new windows for Formula 1 to global or local brands in China,” says Juan Marí Guillot, CEO at VRM.

Formula 1 continues to strive to create new and innovative ways to bring fans and brands closer to the excitement and passion of Grand Prix racing, and will be able to connect with its ever-growing audience through VRM’s proposal and its implementation in one of the largest markets in the world.

“We want to become the best solution globally, to offer a unique experience in the lives of Formula 1 fans thanks to our technology and brands,” says Juan Marí.

Formula 1® has had a significant presence in China in recent times. The exciting Shanghai International Circuit, which features one of the longest straights on the calendar and a state-of-the-art design, has hosted 16 Grands Prix from 2004 to 2019 with a huge impact on local fans and the racing calendar. Lewis Hamilton has the most victories in China (6), ahead of Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg (2). The Shanghai International Circuit will be one of the venues that will host the premium experiences sealed in a contract between Formula 1® and VRM.

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