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LVMH Group’s 75 Maisons Announce Commitments To Métiers d’Excellence And Sign Worldwide Engagements For Métiers d’Excellence

The 75 Maisons of the LVMH Group signed the “WE for ME” pact for the Métiers d’Excellence. This Manifesto marks the Group’s commitment to preserving and promoting these métiers. It spearheads a global program designed to celebrate a community of women and men in Creative, Craft and Sales Experience métiers, ensuring that the over 200 Métiers d’Excellence identified across LVMH Maisons are preserved and thrive. The world leader in luxury counts the greatest variety of any company in the world of these unique métiers, which make a fundamental contribution to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The success of the LVMH Group and its Maisons is anchored in the unique savoir-faire of women and men who practice Creative, Craft and Sales Experience métiers, thus ensuring the excellence of exceptional products over centuries.

In 2014, the creation of the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence LVMH was a pioneering initiative designed to pass on this savoir-faire to new generations. Since then, more than 1,000 young people have received training in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Building on this success, the LVMH Group has added a new dimension to its commitment to the Métiers d’Excellence in order to promote these skills among the public, to ensure that they are preserved and celebrate the talented people who practice them.

“The luxury industry could not continue to thrive without savoir-faire rooted in excellence”, notes Bernard Arnault, LVMH Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“LVMH counts over 200 Métiers d’Excellence around the world represented by a community of people driven by a true passion and deep commitment to passing them on to new generations. We have a responsibility to support them and help develop this community”, adds Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Synergies.

The signature in June 2021 by all LVMH’s 75 Maisons of the “Worldwide Engagements for Métiers d’Excellence” reflects the ambition to stand up and promote these métiers and savoir-faire. It was captured in a photo of the signing ceremony for this Manifesto during which 40 Maisons joined Bernard Arnault at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Each one of them is represented by a duo comprising the CEO and a virtuoso who embodies one of their iconic savoir-faire.

In the coming months the LVMH Métiers d’Excellence will expand their development with the launch of new initiatives, including:

  • Acceleration of the “Excellent!” program in France and other countries to change the way these métiers are perceived by young people and inspire callings.
  • A program called “Les Virtuoses LVMH” (LVMH Virtuosos) to recognize and promote talented people from the Group who embody savoir-faire and champion passing on these skills.
  • A new program to develop the competencies of people in the Group and accelerate innovations in Métiers d’Excellence.
  • New partnerships to spotlight and support savoir-faire outside the LVMH Group (ELLE Artisanes Awards, Fonds de Création pour les Métiers d’Artisanat, an applied arts support fund).

The entire Métiers d’Excellence LVMH community will be honored this year for the first time during celebrations in Paris on October 19 and Florence on November 8.

With the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH, the LVMH Group is once again affirming its role as a major player in the unique savoir-faire that have brought the luxury industry’s success. The “WE for ME” Manifesto expresses LVMH’s commitment to nurturing a unique ecosystem of women and men who each contribute to making these Métiers d’Excellence a thriving reality, from young people and people pursuing reskilling, to talented people within LVMH or at its suppliers and partners.

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