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This Deepfake Video Of Tom Cruise On TikTok Is So Realistic It’s Actually Scary

Videos of Tom Cruise emerged on TikTok showing him playing golf, doing coin tricks, and other random stuff. It all seem pretty normal for a celebrity account but it’s not.

These videos were created using deepfake technology. You see, it’s not really Tom Cruise doing those random things in the videos. Simply put, deepfake uses complex algorithms to replace a person in an image or video with another person.

This technology gets better and better that there is a danger that this technology can be used for widespread misinformation and fraud.

The videos were posted on a TikTok account @deeptomcruise and have garnered 11 millions views already. They were created by visual effects specialist, Chris Ume from Belgium. For those with the trained eye, they can spot the minor glitches and blips for the video but for majority of viewers they can’t tell the real thing from the fake one and that is actually scary.

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